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Spectator friendly from television perspective, the new TEAM event of Karate where BUDO is protected, tradition is preserved, modernity is explored and the outcome is ultimate.

Thus came the term of “Ultimate Karate” in existence with new, unique technical rule, developed and protected under the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Technically, Ultimate Karate is composed of Todome-Waza or Finishing Techniques whereby the athletes have ability to deliver multiple finishing blows that has capacity to neutralize and destroy opponents in a single blow.

The Ultimate Karate Rules demand Extra-ordinary Power, Lightning Speed, Outstanding Control and could be compared with driving a high-speed car at maximum speed but returning home absolutely safe. Without these fundamental principles, “karate tournaments” could be best equated with a river that has no water, jungle that has no trees, human body that has no life.

Ultimate Karate League (UKL) is the Registered Trademark trademark registration number 2915556 Class-41, integrated with the World Professional Karate Corporation Ltd, which is the only professional Governing Body for Professional Karate in the World.

UKL Ultimate Karate League is unique tournament format of Karate that is specifically structured from televisions’ perspective. Traditional Base, Modern Approach and Ultimate Outcome, are the best words to define the unique event that is protected by Intellectual Property Rights laws.

Trademarked and copyrighted by its innovator Sensei Rajeev Sinha, the UKL system cannot be commercially exploited by any third party.

The entire event is carried forward in collaboration with the WPKC – World Professional Karate Corporation Limited, Hong Kong. Professional Leagues around the World where franchisee teams compete under UKL Rules of Competitions.

A season of professional event with initial Six (6) teams and later addition of 2 more teams has already kickstarted in 28th October, 2017 with the first edition of the league being held in Yamuna Sports Complex, Delhi.

Each team shall consist of 3 Indians and 2 foreigners. The teams are:

(1) Delhi BraveHearts (2) Mumbai Ninjas
(3) Kolkata Radicals (4) Bengaluru Sultans
(5) Ranchi Rebels (6) Hyderabad Troopers
(7) Uttar Pradesh (proposed) (8) Nagpur (Proposed)

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