UKL Token Sale for Delhi Bravehearts Team To Represent At
World Championship 2018

01 JANUARY 2018
28 FEB 2018

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UKL Tokens Allows Its Users To

Become Stakeholders

Become stake holders of Delhi Bravehearts Team Representing at Worldwide Professional Leagues

Get Royalty Benefits

As a stakeholder, you'll earn the bounty on Team Winning, Sponsorship & Player sales and much more

Valuation Benefits

Token valuation based on Team's Standings & earnings and valuation of stakes which you can trade

Prospects & Token Demand

UKL Showcase

8 Global Teams, 40 Players, 1 Goal

8 Teams To Compete At World Level

Delhi Bravehearts, Tokyo Shoguns, Hong Kong Dragons, Jakarta Lions, Praha Knights, London Royals, Alberta Explorers, Swiss Fighters are the 8 global teams to compete at the World League

Global Presence

An Opportunity to own upto 15% of Global teams without being resident of that country

40 Matches

8 Teams to Compete in Indian Subcontinent with 40 million practitioners

Current 6 teams of Bengaluru Sultans, Hyderabad Troopers, Mumbai Ninjas, Delhi Bravehearts, Kolkata Radicals, Ranchi Rebels to be added with 2 new clubs Vidarbha Warriors and U.P. Tornadoes are the 8 Indian teams to compete at the UKL Ultimate Karate League

Unique Team Formation Format

New TEAM event of Karate where BUDO is protected, tradition is preserved, modernity is explored and the outcome is ultimate. Thus came the term of “Ultimate Karate” in existence with new, unique technical rule, developed and protected under the Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The promoter of this format is Sensei Rajeev Sinha.

Technically, Ultimate Karate is composed of Todome-Waza or Finishing Techniques whereby the athletes have ability to deliver multiple finishing blows that has capacity to neutralize and destroy opponents in a single blow. The Ultimate Karate Rules demand Extra-ordinary Power, Lightning Speed, Outstanding Control and could be compared with driving a high-speed car at maximum speed but returning home absolutely safe. Without these fundamental principles, “karate tournaments” could be best equated with a river that has no water, jungle that has no trees, human body that has no life.

Awesome features.

Under new rules, technical features could be understood by general public. The format produces best visuals for broadcast that thrills the spectators.

Training Rules are codified for players but the matches scoring pattern is simplified for spectators.

There are NO weight categories and NO protective gears. It is best equated with driving Rolls Royce at 300+ miles an hour speed but returning home scratch-free.

Teams In Action

Currently, there are Six (6) teams in each country; And India, as pioneers of professional Karate, has Bengaluru Sultans, Delhi Bravehearts, Hyderabad Troopers, Kolkata Radicals, Mumbai Ninjas, and Ranchi Rebels.


Team Behind The SHOW

Meet the Perfection Behind The Ultimate Karate League Pro

Get It Now

An opportunity to partially own a team. An opportunity to participate in Karate revolution. An Opportunity to secure your future – financially and socially.


Option - 01

₹​ 20,000.00

  • Agreement For 24 Months
  • Bonuses and Allied Benefits
  • 5% Discounts in Tickets
  • 5% Discounts in Tutorials
  • 5% Discounts in Books & Videos
  • 5% Discounts in Training Subscription
  • 5% Discounts in Event Sponsorship
  • No Shares
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Option - 02

₹​ 1,00,000.00

  • Agreement For 24 Months
  • Bonuses and Allied Benefits
  • 15% Discounts in Tickets
  • 15% Discounts in Tutorials
  • 15% Discounts in Books & Videos
  • 15% Discounts in Training Subscription
  • 10% Discounts in Event Sponsorship
  • Qualify to Buy 100 Shares @ PAR
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Option - 03


  • Agreement For 24 Months
  • Bonuses and Allied Benefits
  • 30% Discounts in Tickets
  • 30% Discounts in Tutorials
  • 30% Discounts in Books & Videos
  • 30% Discounts in Training Subscription
  • 20% Discounts in Event Sponsorship
  • Qualify to Buy 500 Shares @ PAR
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World Professional Karate Council Presents 6 (Six) Teams in total that would open up for equity dilution one by one.

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